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The purpose of this website is to provide free gambling and poker information and provide a few free games to play.

Rummy Poker is a game I invented and can be downloaded HERE

I am a big fan of Limit Poker. I feel that many people who grew up on NLHE have not had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of limit poker. Some people may enjoy the smaller swings. Give Limit Poker a serious try if you have never before.

My main game is PLO. I love PLO and feel that due to the high variance, players in today's age have a much better shot of winning a bracelet in PLO than they do in Holdem. But if you are switching to PLO from NLHE when you play cash make sure to go down in stakes. $1/$2 PLO playes closer to $2/$5 NLHE and the buy-ins can go quick. Make sure to lower your stakes and be prepared to bring a few more buy-ins.

A great place to start studying PLO is Jnandezpoker.com and Runitonce.com Jnandez Youtube also has good free content.

French Montana Solitare

How To Play

L'Imperiale is a solitare game of French origin invented in the 1800s. It is a game that requires strategy, planning and memorization. The winrate is about 1 in 40 games, but as you get better you will win more often.

52 cards are randomly dealt face up in rows of 13. The Aces are then removed leaving four empty spaces.

The goal of the game is to get all of the cards lined up from King to Two of the same suit. Each row must contain only one suit, but it does not matter which row is which suit. Here is what a finished game looks like:

Any card can be picked up and placed into an empty space if it meets one of two criteria. Either the card must be the same suit and one rank lower than the card on the left OR the same suit and one rank higher than the card on the right. For example: You have from left to right:

7♥ |Blank Space| 3♦

There are only two cards that can go in the blank space. A 6♥ or a 4♦. The 6♥ is the same suit as the 7♥ and one rank lower. The 4♦ is the same suit and one rank higher than the 3♦ on its right.

There is one exception to this rule. A King may be placed in an empty spot that is at the beginning of a row regardless of the card on its right.